Who We Are

California Power Partners, Inc. is deeply involved in efforts to assist customers that are facing today’s radical changes in energy supply. In addition to providing turn-key systems at no cost through Power Purchase Agreements our in-house product & service offerings include:

  • Development of On-Site Power Generation
  • Generation and Cogeneration Products
  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Containment Initiatives
  • Feasibility & Opportunity Assessment
  • Construction Management Services for Power Projects
  • Peak Shaving / Load Management Strategies
  • Maintenance and Consulting Services for Power Plants

The strategic business focus is to serve the evolving energy marketplace with a multi-dimensional product and services offering, firmly based around the organization’s technical strengths and consulting experience, and supported by profitable long and short term energy solutions. To bolster the present “in-house” service offerings, Calpwr has also sought strategic alliances with key industry organizations that enable complete “turnkey” service offerings. While attention by large energy competitors has been on becoming leaders in commodity marketing, much less emphasis and resources are applied to the marketing of “energy-related” products and services that provide users with cost effective generation solutions.