Executive Team

In addition to the considerable skills of the founding principals, Calpwr strives to recruit and retain seasoned professionals with skills and capabilities well suited to the emerging technology markets. Like our products and services, we hope to cultivate “Best-in-Class” industry professionals to join the Calpwr team. All of our employees share our vision for providing first-rate value to each of our projects. Our executive team includes:

Joe Silva:

Mr. Silva has been involved in the power industry since 1997 with his initial involvement having to do with larger development efforts associated with cogeneration in the Central American corridor. Joe helped form California Power Partners in 2001 and was instrumental in establishing Calpwr as a key distributor for the world’s largest micro-turbine manufacturer. His business expertise has helped establish Calpwr as a leading provider of renewably fueled cogeneration solutions, fuel filtration systems and power generation for Waste Water Treatment Facilities and any commercial customers looking to take charge of their energy future.

Jeff Silva:

Prior to joining California Power Partners, Mr. Silva worked in the marine engineering field for over 27 years. He holds a Chief Engineers license through US Coast Guard for marine diesel equipment and has extensive experience operating all of Calpwrs offered solutions. His responsibilities included main propulsion, power generation, electrical distribution, refrigeration, and hydraulics. Jeff’s extensive experience in real-world generation applications and operations and maintenance, balances out the Calpwr’s Construction and Operations team. Mr. Silva has been a partner in the group since inception and heads the Service and Maintenance Groups for Calpwr. His attention to detail along with his knowledge of complex systems and their integration are essential to the team.