Biogas – Renewable Cogeneration Solutions

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), creates two forms of energy: electricity and heat. A facility can use the electricity produced onsite or sell it back to the local utility, while the heat generated by the engine or turbine is captured and used to heat water for use in comfort heating or cooling through the use of absorption chilling.

Clean-burning, low-emission micro turbines or gas fired reciprocating engines, combined with Calpwr’s Fuel Filtration Systems, are ideally suited to use digester gas as fuel.

In Bio-gas applications, the power generation equipment has a dual purpose: it generates electrical power and produces waste heat that maintains the proper temperature in the digesters. The waste heat can also be used to heat the plant buildings in the winter. This results in extremely high thermal efficiency and often substantial return on investment for Calpwr clients.

Fuel Filtration Systems

Fuel treatment is the most critical component of any cogeneration system in a biogas application. Without proper fuel treatment, your generating equipment is exposed to moisture, hydrogen sulfides, and siloxanes which slowly eat away at the inner workings of your equipment.

Calpwr now offers fuel treatment technology for a variety of generation equipment. Our technology can be built to address biogas generation applications 100 kW and larger.

Our system takes problematic sour gas from biogas and landfill applications and delivers contaminant-free, dry gas to the power generation equipment resulting in dramatically reduced engine maintenance costs.

Typical performance of our fuel treatment systems:

Gas Inlet Conditions: (typical)
Moisture: 100% Saturated
Pressure: 7-16” WC
Temperature: Ambient
H2S: 100 PPM to 2000PPM
Siloxane: Present in non treated gas (landfill and digesters) (D3, D4, and D5)

Gas Outlet Conditions after treatment:
Moisture: < 25% rH
Pressure to engine: 1.5 to 3 PSI
Pressure to turbines: 85 to 140 psi (compression required)
Temperature: 80F to 115F
H2S: Required Permit Level
Siloxane: Non-Detectable
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Power Generation and Operations & Maintenance

Creating safe, clean, efficient, cost-effective energy independence is not just a matter of installing a distributed generation power source and waiting for an investment payback. Success requires analysis and implementation of a total energy solution that addresses all of the factors pertinent to the facility and end user.

Calpwr is an industry innovator with a proven track record of delivering powerful independent energy solutions, faster payback, and superior maintenance to manufacturing facilities, corporate & academic campuses, commercial buildings, hotels & resorts, municipalities, and mid- to large-scale service organizations.

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